Introduction of our products

Most practical storage backpack of BAGCOM ever designed.

A backpack + A portable pouch/ cross-body bag

Backpack can be fold and stored inside the pouch, which you could easily packed in your luggage or unfold it whenever you desired.

The lightweight fabric used has been treated with water-repellent membrane, totally carefree no matter how stiff or humid the weather was. In addition, our washer nylon has gone under wrinkle resistance finish.

A super lightweight backpack with total of 11 compartments + travel sleeve.

Decompression thick mesh shoulder straps to bear heavier content but less stress on your shoulders and back. Carry it around comfortably in spite of any situation!

Locally Taiwan designed by BAGCOM since 2009. Commitment of pragmatism and finery.


Designed to fulfill travelers needs

-2in1 backpack comes with a pouch


-12 pockets

-Water repellent material

-Backpack with less pressure on shoulders

-Foldable for storage in pouch

-4 outer pockets + 8 inner pockets for document & stationery

-Able to accommodate A4 size & 14’ laptop


Product Specifications

-Avg Weight: 448g

-Load Capacity: 9-10kg
-Dimensions: 39cm X 28cm X 18cm (Height x Width x Bottom Width)
-Volume: 20 Liters
-Gender: Free
-Colors: Magenta. Blue. Army-Green. Moonlight. Blue-Grey. Black.

-Only hand-washing is allowed.
-Be sure to store in dry, and well-ventilated places.